Invinity provides batteries for grid energy storage.

Energy storage for generation, ancillary services and trading

Invinity’s VFB technology is ideal for developers, investors and infrastructure owners looking for a storage asset for heavy duty applications at the lowest long-term costs.


We offer a range of solutions for grid-scale energy storage projects based on our vanadium redox flow technology. Invinity’s products are suitable for a range of grid-connected projects and can be co-located with renewables, used as standalone trading assets or to ‘front-end’ other energy storage technologies as part of larger hybrid systems.

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Manage price risk for renewable energy generators

Large-scale renewable energy producers can use Invinity flow batteries to hedge against wholesale price cannibalisation (demonstrated in the graphic below) and de-risk export revenue expectations. Invinity’s systems can also be used to avoid costly export connection upgrades and typically match the life of solar generation assets, without the need for mid-project replacement. Finally, for generating assets subject to export constraints to the local distribution or transmission network, Invinity’s flow batteries allow you to produce maximum power more hours of the day, for decades.

Participate in ancillary service markets

Bid into a broad range of ancillary services markets and grid services. Invinity energy storage systems are capable of sub-second response times and qualify for most fast response services in major markets.


Where they exist, Invinity systems are capable of providing energy storage for grid services markets including:

  • Frequency & voltage control services
  • Balancing markets
  • Demand response
  • Local flexibility
  • Operating reserve services

Wholesale trading and arbitrage

Invinity’s non-degrading vanadium flow batteries are ideally suited for trading energy on day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets, without concern for the “opportunity cost” of lost capacity per discharge cycle typical of lithium batteries.

Our products thrive on heavy utilisation, allowing our customers to take advantage of growing wholesale market price volatility by generating significant revenue from resulting arbitrage opportunities.

Our negligible degradation per cycle and discharge durations ranging from 2 hours to 10 hours allow asset owners to trade tighter price spreads and capture greater value from price imbalances. And we provide all of these capabilities over a 25+ year asset life, maximizing present value and return on investment.

Are you an investor, project developer or asset owner?

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