A Lifespan That Matches Your Renewable Assets

A utility-grade battery needs to last as long as the other utility-grade assets it sits alongside. Our batteries perform tens of thousands of cycles over decades, with no fundamental capacity degradation or need for replacement.

25+ Year Operational Lifespan

Replacing batteries is expensive and wasteful. Where other storage technologies start losing capacity and efficiency in year one and are typically replaced every 5-10 years, Invinity’s VFBs are engineered to last 25 years even under the most heavily demanding renewable solar and wind storage applications. Get full utilisation over your project life without repex costs and hassle.

  • Asset life the same as solar and wind
  • Unlimited cycling over the entire product life
  • No need for augmentation or replacement

Engineered for Durability

At the heart of our flow batteries’ longevity is the fundamental chemistry – a fully reversible ion exchange between two liquid electrolytes that can last indefinitely. Unlike other chemistries, the reactions take place entirely in the liquid phase of the battery and there is a 0% chance of dendrites forming. Invinity’s batteries can charge and discharge as often as needed over their entire lifespan without warranty restrictions.

  • Full capacity maintained over product life
  • Fully reversible liquid reaction
  • No plating, dendrites, or phase change

Ready to solve your energy challenge?

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