Safe, Non-Flammable Energy Storage

Fire risk and personnel safety are paramount considerations when designing, permitting and operating large energy storage systems. Our vanadium flow batteries are among the safest storage technologies on the grid today.

Safe and Stable Chemistry

The fundamental stability of our flow batteries’ underlying vanadium technology gives them dramatically lower risk of fires and fire-related injuries. Independent testing to the UL9540A standard has shown decisively that they have no risk of thermal runaway. Invinity VFBs are chemically and thermally robust, and safe even when exposed to external fire.

  • Zero risk of thermal runaway
  • No chlorine off-gas
  • No risk of thermal event caused by short circuit

Increased Personnel Safety

From the first unit we built, we’ve integrated safe-by-design principles into our flow batteries. Redundant safety systems in our modular units include electrolyte tanks that never pressurize, and built-in secondary containment that can hold the entire liquid volume if the tanks ever ruptured. True power off means there is minimum power left in the stacks when the system is shut down, dramatically decreasing the risk of shock to maintenance crews and first responders.

  • True power off
  • Safe by design
  • Greater safety for employees and assets
  • No concrete bunding needed

Ready to solve your energy challenge?

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