Invinity’s Utility-Grade Energy Storage Has Been Deployed Across the World

Explore how our customers are unlocking the power of renewable energy at our sites, past, present and future. Locations are approximate.

Energy Superhub Oxford, UK

Delivering the UK’s largest flow battery as part of a world-first project decarbonising transport, electricity and heat across the city of Oxford, UK.

Yadlamalka Energy Trust, Australia

The world’s largest solar-powered vanadium flow battery and South Australia’s first dispatchable solar powered plant, the Yadlamalka Energy project will provide a glimpse into the future of electricity grids in Australia and around the world.

VFB LEAD - The UK's Largest Solar-Powered Flow Battery

Find out more about why this Long Duration Energy Storage project is so groundbreaking and what companies are involved below.

Scottish Water, UK

Invinity’s energy storage system paired with solar will help reduce waste water treatment site energy costs by 40% and accelerate progress towards ambitious net zero targets.