Revenue-Driving Energy Storage With Low Lifetime Costs

Unmatched operational versatility makes vanadium flow batteries unique in their revenue generating potential and overall lifetime value.

Engineered for Low Levelised Costs

In assessing storage technologies for your project, capital costs are only part of the equation. Invinity’s utility-grade batteries are engineered to deliver the lowest Levelised Cost of Storage (LCOS) – the total cost to deliver a single MW of power out of a battery over its life. In high-throughput applications, our systems can deliver power at 25-30% less cost than lithium ion systems.

  • Lowest price per MWh stored and discharged (LCOS)
  • No marginal cost to cycle; no unusable rest periods
  • Lowest levelised costs for solar + storage projects

High Revenue Potential

Our batteries’ massive lifetime throughput and non-degrading chemistry makes them unstoppable revenue-generating workhorses. Their flexibility lets owners stack revenues and adjust strategies to optimise returns as markets evolve. They even have residual value at the end of their useful lives – not a toxic liability.

  • 3.8x the lifetime energy throughput of lithium ion batteries
  • Residual vanadium value at end of life
  • Adaptable to changing market conditions

Ready to solve your energy challenge?

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