Off-Grid & Microgrid Energy Storage

Energy security to keep sites running around the clock.

Safe, fast-responding, and ideal for frequent and long-duration cycling, Invinity’s flow batteries power microgrids for sites struggling with undersized, unreliable or non-existent grid connections.

Power Sites With Low Cost Solar Energy

Off-grid and connection-constrained locations often have no choice but to use unreliable, expensive, carbon-intensive sources of energy. By storing and time shifting generated energy, Invinity’s vanadium flow batteries provide energy security to keep sites running around the clock.

Invinity energy storage systems work in harsh environments where conventional batteries often fail or require complex environmental management systems to operate safely. 

  • Downsize existing generation
  • Run generators more efficiently
  • Significantly reduce fuel costs
  • Decrease maintenance intervals
Invinity battery operation for off-grid energy storage

Above: Invinity battery operation for off-grid 24h power requirements

Strengthen the Resilience of Your Operations

The increased risk of power outages in many parts of the world has prompted businesses and public sector institutions to look at microgrids – small local networks that are able to operate independently from the grid – as a means to ensure continuity of services and operations in the event of a blackout. Invinity’s utility-grade storage provide the high-cycling, long-duration and fast-response capabilities necessary to power a microgrid when generation is offline or unavailable.

  • Capable of grid-connected or fully off-grid operation
  • Fast response time proven at 110 miliseconds
  • Flexible dispatchability
  • Fire safe

Are you assessing the viability of a microgrid for your or you client’s site? Contact us to discuss the details of your project. Our team will take your site data and financially model a viable business case which fits your requirements and achieves your objectives.