Factory-Built & Tested Vanadium Flow Batteries

Invinity VS3-022

The VS3 is the core building block of Invinity’s energy storage systems. Self-contained and incredibly easy to deploy, it uses proven vanadium redox flow technology to store energy in an aqueous solution that never degrades, even under continuous maximum power and depth of discharge cycling. Our technology is non-flammable, and requires little maintenance and upkeep.


/ The safe and stable chemistry of the vanadium electrolyte has a far lower risk profile than other battery storage technologies.

Long life

/ Invinity’s batteries can perform in the field for 25+ years, matching your renewable assets, with unlimited cycling and no capacity degradation.


/ Massive throughput and no marginal cycling costs give the VS3-022 the lowest price per MWh stored & discharged over the lifetime of the product.


/ Deployed around the world, Invinity’s flow batteries are used across all storage applications, in front of and behind the meter.

Flow batteries exhibit far greater capacity retention and less performance degradation over time than lithium ion batteries, and [Invinity’s] system has quantitatively proven that. DNV-GL

Available Configurations

Invinity VS3-022 Six Pack™ Vanadium Flow Battery

.7-10 MW

Rated Power

2-40 MWh

Energy Storage

2–12 hrs

Discharge Duration


Depth of Discharge

25 years

Asset lifetime


Lifetime cycles

Modular unit

Designed for turnkey installation, each unit is ready to go out of the factory. Projects use multiple units.


The VS3-022 is designed to double stack, maximising the energy density of the storage system on your site.


Multiple VS3-022 units can be grouped together to match specific storage project needs.

Freedom From Operational Handcuffs

Use your battery as much as you want to, whatever its state of charge. With no warranty limits on battery cycling, the Invinity VS3-022 delivers stacked revenues and future-proofs your investment. Over 25 years, its enormous throughput advantage results in the lowest price per MWh stored or discharged (LCOS) of any storage technology. In fact, a single VFB will deliver 3.8x the lifetime throughput of a comparably-sized lithium battery.

Cumulative Energy delivered over time