Working With Invinity

Invinity is the world’s leading manufacturer of vanadium flow batteries. 

But working with us goes far beyond purchasing hardware.

Our team has decades of experience in energy finance, engineering, business development, and research.

This collective expertise sets Invinity apart from others in the energy storage space. Read on to learn more.

Our Core Competencies

Whether you are a project developer, commercial or industrial business, financier, or EPC, our team of experienced analysts, application engineers and system architecture and integration experts can assist and support you in the following key areas:

  • Accurate system sizing, based on onsite load and generation data
  • Defining commercial use cases and financial modelling
  • Product and application engineering support
  • Grant applications, pathfinder projects and innovation
  • Hybrid energy storage systems
  • Site architecture and design
UK's largest flow battery at Energy Superhub Oxford

Our Experience

As one of the oldest and most established companies in the vanadium flow battery industry, we’ve been involved in 1000’s of projects all over the world in a wide variety of applications. Our team have direct experience modelling, developing and delivering:

  • Behind the meter energy storage projects – Including in the UK, USA (California, Arizona, Alabama), Australia, Africa, South East Asia and China
    • Solar PV and energy storage for commercial and industrial sites
    • EV charging infrastructure and carbon emissions reduction projects
    • Export and Import constraint management
    • Redzone avoidance and time of use tariff optimization
    • Financed solar + storage PPAs
  • Front of meter energy storage projects
    • Transmission connected energy storage projects
    • Distribution connected energy storage projects
    • Wholesale market trading
    • Solar and Wind PPAs
  • Solar microgrids for resiliency and carbon reduction
  • Hybrid energy storage systems
  • Off-grid energy storage for mining and rural electrification projects

Our Process

Built on decades of experience, our proven process ensures we support you through all the project development stages to accurately scope your requirements and deliver a best-in-class solution that meets your project needs.

Discovery Phase

Data Gathering

  • NDA

  • Site information

  • HH demand data

  • Energy bill breakdown

  • Initial feasibility test

Key Deliverable:

Feasibility Study

Solution Design

  • Financial modelling

  • System sizing

  • Draft run strategy

  • Site visit

  • Initial proposal

  • Initial feedback

Key Deliverable:

Initial Proposal

Signed Contracts

  • Final proposal

  • Detailed technical specifications

  • Budget approval

  • Run strategy agreed

  • Signed purchase order

  • Planning & connection applications submitted

Key Deliverable:

Purchase Order

Delivery Phase

Manufacture & Site Preparation

  • System assembly

  • Machine testing

  • Site survey

  • Civil works

  • System shipping

Key Deliverable:

System Shipping

Delivery & Commissioning

  • Electrical installation

  • Final inspections

  • Commissioning testing

  • Customer sign-off

Key Deliverable:

Customer Handover

Optimisation & Management

  • System analytics
  • Monthly reporting
  • Revenue optimisation
  • Run strategy revisions
  • Annual maintenance

Key Deliverable:

Revenue Optimisation

Contact us about your project

If you’re a project developer, EPC, consultant, financier or commercial business working on an energy storage project please contact our commercial team below.