Vanadium flow batteries

Our batteries scale effortlessly to create storage solutions at any scale. With the best flow battery engineering team on the planet, our technology is safe, fault-tolerant, and easy to install. 

Invinity VS3

The VS3 is the core building block of Invinity’s energy storage systems. Self-contained and incredibly easy to deploy, it uses proven vanadium redox flow technology to store energy in an aqueous solution that never degrades, even under continuous maximum power and depth of discharge cycling. Our technology is non-flammable, and requires little maintenance and upkeep.

  • Safe. The safe and stable chemistry of the vanadium electrolyte has a far lower risk profile than other battery storage technologies.
  • Dependable. Modular design architecture means there is no single point of failure, giving the VS3 unparalleled resilience.
  • Economical. Invinity’s batteries deliver 20,000+ deep discharge cycles over their lifespan, without the degradation and need for augmentation found in lithium batteries.
Vanadium Flow Battery Throughput

Available Configurations

Invinity VS3-022 Six Pack™ Vanadium Flow Battery

Rated Power, Continuous: 78 kW – 10 MW
Energy Storage, Nominal: 220 kWh – 40 MWh
Energy Storage, Discharge Duration: 2 – 12 hours
Lifetime: 25 years
Recommended Depth of Discharge: 100%
Cycle Life: Unlimited
Vanadium flow battery - Invinity

Grid Services

Invinity’s VFB technology is ideal for grid-scale service providers who need long-term flexibility from their storage assets with the lowest long-term costs:

  • Access wholesale trading and arbitrage revenues

  • Optimise generation assets

  • Participate in ancillary service markets

Commercial & Industrial

C&I customers around the world use Invinity batteries to unlock reliable, low-cost, low-carbon energy for their operations. An ideal complement to PV, adding flow storage allows customers to:

  • Reduce electricity costs

  • Accelerate carbon reduction targets

  • Improve resilience

Off-Grid Energy

Off-grid locations often suffer from unreliable, expensive energy connections. By storing and time shifting renewable energy, Invinity flow batteries provide energy security to keep sites running around the clock:

  • Secure power

  • Reduce fuel costs

  • Lower carbon emissions

Invinity Clients