Invinty batteries enable off-grid energy storage

Off-grid energy storage

Generate your own secure, low-cost, low carbon power. Vanadium flow batteries make an ideal choice for solar microgrid applications. 


Off-grid locations often have no choice but to use unreliable, expensive, carbon-intensive sources of energy. By storing and time shifting generated energy, Invinity flow batteries provide energy security to keep sites running around the clock.

Invinity energy storage systems work in harsh environments where conventional batteries often fail or require complex environmental management systems to operate safely.

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Use more low-cost solar energy

  • Use clean, cost effective generation
  • Boost energy security
  • Gain energy independence with off-grid energy storage
Invinity battery operation for off-grid energy storage

Invinity battery operation for off-grid 24h power requirements

Reduce reliance on fuel-based generation

  • Downsize existing generation
  • Run generators more efficiently
  • Significantly reduce fuel costs
  • Decrease maintenance intervals

Graphic demonstrating Invinity VFB operation when hybridised with diesel gensets (left) and associated efficiency improvements with high loading factors (right)

Robust, durable technology

  • 20+ year service life
  • Able to operate in hot climates without expensive, energy-hungry air conditioning equipment
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Remote monitoring options

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