Building a World First / Largest Flow Battery in the UK

Building the UK’s largest flow battery and the world’s largest hybrid system at Energy Superhub Oxford: In conversation with Invinity’s Ed Porter

“I believe that hybrid systems installed at projects such as ESO could play a key role in balancing our future grid. Not only will this be the largest flow battery to be deployed in the UK, but we’ll also be able to use the results to demonstrate the technology’s performance at scale and develop future projects.”

Invinity’s Ed Porter caught up (virtually) with the team at Energy Superhub Oxford to talk about the role we’re playing in this exciting project, some of the key benefits of flow batteries and the real reason why we all get out of bed in the morning!

Check out the video below or read the full interview on the ESO website.

Invinity is delivering a 5 MWh vanadium flow battery system which will be at the centre of one of the most ambitious urban decarbonisation projects ever undertaken. Click the link below to learn more about how we’re building a world first at the Energy Superhub Oxford.

“ESO is a world-first and not only puts Oxford on the map in terms of a model for urban decarbonisation, but also demonstrates how the technology exists right now to achieve what was probably through nearly impossible just a few years ago.


At a macro-level the decarbonisation aspect of the project is incredibly important and the core reason why all of us working on the project get out of bed in the morning.


At a micro-level I hope the project demonstrates to developers the value of different forms of energy storage and the opportunity to match project requirements to technology characteristics. For example, if developers need a high throughout application or services such as dynamic regulation, I hope they would consider a flow battery as an option.”

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