National Research Council of Canada Awards Research Funding To Invinity

Invinity is pleased to be receiving valuable advisory services and up to CAD $74,700 in research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to further advance the Company’s vanadium electrolyte development program.

Monday 18 December 2023

This support will allow Invinity to continue funded, vanadium flow battery R&D Programs. The latest project will focus on the techno-economic evaluation of vanadium raw material sources and their manufacturing conversion pathways to vanadium electrolyte in Canada, North America and globally to support Invinity’s growing pipeline of projects.

Canada is a potential supplier of vanadium for both domestic and international uses from sources such as ore deposits in Quebec, and from secondary sources such as by-products of the Alberta Oil Sands companies.

This award follows a grant received earlier in the year by Invinity from the British Columbia (“B.C.”) Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (“CICE”) towards the manufacture of Invinity’s first pilot project, a 1.2 MWh prototype, of its next-generation product, code-named “Mistral”. This funding has supported accelerated testing of the product at operational scale. With the prototype now assembled at a site near Invinity’s engineering and operations centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, initial validation testing is in process.

Vanadium electrolyte is one of the key components used in Invinity’s vanadium flow batteries, which have been independently tested to the UL9450A standard. A safe, durable and economic forum of energy storage, it is the leading alternative to lithium-ion batteries for stationary applications. To date, Invinity has over 70 MWh of its safe and reliable VFBs already deployed or contracted for delivery across over 79 sites in 15 countries around the world including the Chappice Lake project located in Alberta, Canada.

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