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Utility-Grade Energy Storage

What Makes Invinity Utility-Grade?

Non-flammable, safe-by-design construction. High throughput, unlimited-cycling systems that give you the operational freedom to maximize your ROI. A 25-year lifespan that matches your solar and wind assets. Invinity designs and manufactures the world’s first true utility-grade energy storage for grid-scale, C&I, and microgrid applications.


Zero risk of thermal runway, exceptional personnel safety for crews & first responders

Long Life

Suitable for 25+ years of constant cycling, matching the lifespan of solar & wind assets


The lowest price per MWh stored & discharged over the lifetime of the battery


Demonstrated performance in commercial applications in the field

Inside the World’s First Productized Vanadium Flow Battery

Vanadium flow is a proven, decades-old storage technology. Invinity changed the game by crafting it into a factory-built product. Our safe, modular VFBs create storage solutions at any scale.

Utilities & Developers

Invinity’s VFB technology is ideal for grid-scale service providers who need proven reliability and long-term flexibility from their storage assets, with the lowest long-term costs:

  • Access wholesale trading and arbitrage revenues
  • Dispatch renewable energy on demand
  • Participate in ancillary services markets

Commercial & Industrial Businesses

C&I customers around the world use Invinity batteries to unlock reliable, low-cost, low-carbon energy for their operations. An ideal complement to PV, pairing flow storage allows businesses to:

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Accelerate carbon reduction targets
  • Improve resilience

Grid Independent Industries

Off-grid locations often suffer unreliable, expensive energy connections. By storing and time shifting renewable energy, Invinity flow batteries provide energy security to keep sites running around the clock;

  • Secure power
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Lower carbon emissions

Leading in Utility-Grade Energy Storage


Across 14 countries on five continents


Deployed or contracted with our customers


Granted or pending plus trade secrets & know how


Of R&D investment in our product and manufacturing

Our energy storage has been deployed across the world.

Learn how our customers are unlocking the power of renewable energy – in front of and behind the meter.


What Levelized Cost of Storage Means to Energy Project Stakeholders

Stakeholders have an increasingly wide choice of storage technologies to choose from. Depending on your role in a project, the questions you ask and financial models you use to find the answers will be different.

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