The Preferred Energy
Storage System

Store energy with the safest, longest lasting, and lowest cost per MWh batteries available.

The Invinity VS3 utility-grade vanadium flow batteries are the preferred choice of EPCs, Developers, Utilities, and C&I Businesses for their large-scale energy storage systems.

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Flow batteries exhibit far greater capacity retention and less performance degradation over time than lithium ion batteries, and Invinity’s system has quantitatively proven that.DNV-GL

Why Energy Storage Professionals Use Invinity

Safest: The stable chemistry of the vanadium electrolyte has a far lower risk profile than other battery storage technologies.

Longest Life: Our batteries can perform in the field for 25+ years with unlimited cycling and no capacity degradation.

Lowest Cost per MWh: Massive throughput and no marginal cycling costs give the Invinity VS3 the lowest price per MWh stored & discharged over the lifetime of the product.

Proven: Deployed around the world, our batteries are used across all storage applications, in front of and behind the meter.

Our Customers

Energy Superhub Oxford
Pivot Power and Invinity Energy
Elemental Energy
Indian Energy
Anglian Water and Invinity Energy
Huanghe Hydropower and Invinity Energy
Emissions Reduction Alberta
Cold Lake First Nations
Maharishi International University and Invinity Energy
Sandbar Solar and Invinity Energy

Lowest Risk

Remove unnecessary risk from your energy storage system by choosing the safest technology available.

Configurations For Any Fit

The Invinity VS3 is modular, stackable, and fully scalable to meet the needs of your specific project.

Future-Proofed System

Use your battery as much as you want to. With no warranty limits on battery cycling, the Invinity VS3 delivers stacked revenues and future-proofs your investment.