Invinity CCO Matt Harper Addresses House of Lords Science and Technology Committee

House of Lords Long Duration Energy Storage Inquiry: what technologies could be used to provide long-duration energy storage in the UK?

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Chief Commercial Officer Matt Harper was invited to address the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee’s enquiry into long duration energy storage for the UK grid in a special session held on Tuesday 19 September 2023. The Committee, chaired by The Baroness Neuberger DBE, invited Invinity to give evidence as they were looking to understand more about the advantages of vanadium flow batteries, specifically the project for which Invinity secured matched-funding under the UK Government’s LODES competition. The Committee heard evidence from Matt on the advantages of vanadium flow batteries for energy storage, the existing commercial deployments of this made-in-the-UK technology, and what support is required from Government to enable further rapid deployment in the future. The full recording is below.

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