4 MWh Sale to PowerFlex for California PV + Storage Project

California Energy Commission-funded Invinity VS3 batteries to provide on-demand solar power for Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians in Southern California.

Monday 17 June 2024

Invinity Energy Systems is pleased to announce a 4 MWh sale to PowerFlex, part of EDF Renewables North America. The batteries will be used in a California Energy Commission-funded solar microgrid project being undertaken by the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians.

The project will see 18 Invinity VS3 vanadium flow batteries, with a combined capacity of 4 MWh, installed by PowerFlex alongside a new 1 MWp expansion to the existing PV solar array at the Rincon Band’s Harrah’s Resort Southern California at the Rincon Reservation near Valley Center, California, as part of a large-scale solar microgrid project. Invinity’s batteries will be used to store excess solar generation which can be discharged on-demand to provide economic, low-carbon power to the site at any time of the day or night.

Above: Harrah’s Resort Southern Californa at the Rincon Reservation near Valley Center, California 

California is one of the world’s fastest growing battery markets and, with 7.3 GW, has the most installed battery capacity of any U.S. state. The California Energy Commission is also one of the leading funders of non-lithium-ion long duration energy storage (LDES), having already provided support worth $140m to various projects in the State throughout 2022-23 and has $190m worth of funding programmed for in the 2023-24 State Budget. The State is targeting 52 GW of battery storage capacity by 2045.

“As part of the Rincon LDES Solar Microgrid Project, the Invinity battery system will accelerate the Rincon Band’s progress toward greater energy sustainability and resiliency and will help the Band achieve greater energy sovereignty through control over our own energy resources.”

– Bo Mazzetti, Chairman of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians


Delivery of the Invinity batteries is expected to occur before the end of 2024. The contract was included as part of the Company’s Base category in its most recently disclosed commercial pipeline.

California continues to lead the world in deploying longer-duration energy storage, essential to broader adoption of renewable energy. We greatly appreciate the policy and financial support of the California Energy Commission and the vision it shares with Powerflex of a future electric grid that combines reliability, low cost, and environmental stewardship. We are inspired by how the Rincon Band has embraced that vision and are proud to be working alongside them to make it a reality. This project will further prove that our durable, safe vanadium flow batteries are the ideal partner for large solar-plus-storage projects.”

– Matt Harper, Chief Commercial Officer, Invinity Energy Systems


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