1.1 MWh Sale for Taiwanese National Technology Laboratory

Invinity technology to be evaluated for use in national infrastructure projects

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Invinity Energy Systems is pleased to announce a 1.1 MWh sale to Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories (“NARLabs”).

The project will see five Invinity VS3 vanadium flow batteries (“VFBs”) with a combined capacity of 1.1 MWh installed inside a building at the NARLabs laboratory in Taipei. The VFBs will be used to offset electricity use at the facility during peak times and provide back-up in the event of a power outage. NARLabs will also perform validation testing on Invinity’s technology with the intention of verifying the performance and safety of the Company’s batteries in order that they may be specified into future Taiwanese energy infrastructure projects.

Above: A VS3 vanadium flow battery being installed in 2022 for Invinity’s customer Bei Ying International at their site in Taiwan 

The batteries have been procured on behalf of NARLabs by Taiwanese engineering, procurement and construction company NeoSurfing Industrial, who will undertake the installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of Invinity’s battery for the duration of the project.

Taiwan aims to have 27 GW of installed capacity coming from renewable sources by 2025. Recent power outages and the need to increase resiliency in the grid means Taiwan Power Company (“Taipower”) is investing US$16.6 billion to decentralise power grids and increase transmission stability. Additionally, with limited new land area available for new energy developments, the ability to deploy safe and reliable batteries, within buildings and in built-up urban environments, is an important consideration.

Delivery of the Invinity batteries is expected to commence in Q4 2023. The contract was included as part of the Company’s Base category in its most recently disclosed commercial pipeline.

Invinity are extremely excited to see NARLabs demonstrate the capabilities our VFBs can deliver to the Taiwanese grid and beyond. Regional demonstrations like this help us and our customers work side-by-side to fully unlock our batteries’ potential, proving we can deliver safe, long-duration and high-throughput energy storage that goes above and beyond the limited services possible using lithium solutions.

– Matt Harper, Chief Commercial Officer, Invinity Energy Systems


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