Vanadium Flow Batteries 101: Making Money with Solar & Flow

This live webinar is over, but if you’d like to access the recording, please complete the form & we will follow up.  

In this 30 minute webinar + Q&A, we cover:

  • Matching project goals with flow or lithium 
  • The economics of incorporating flow with solar in California
  • Examples of current flow battery deployments

Register below for our introduction to vanadium flow energy storage in California.

Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Regional Director, North America

Bruce Herzer

Bruce Herzer

Director of Marketing

Safe and reliable with a 25+ year lifetime and unlimited cycling, vanadium flow batteries are an ideal fit for many energy projects.

Selecting the right energy storage technology depends on how you can leverage the strengths of each system to meet your project goals.

When heavy battery cycling is likely, or longer duration is needed, vanadium flow batteries can be a better answer. 

In this webinar, you’ll gain a high level understanding of the relative strengths of modular vanadium flow batteries, and how these can be applied to projects in California’s energy markets today.